Wednesday, 11 May 2011

TUTORIAL EIGHT: Assistive Technology

So What is Assistive Technology?
Is classed as  a product, item, tool or peice of equipment that assists an individual with a disability to perform functional tasks.
According to Vanderheiden, (1987) as cited in (Cook & Hussey, 2005), "a device provides benefits to the individual independant of the individual's skill level"
Assistive Technology covers
  • Assistive vs Rehabilitative or educational
  • Low to high technology
  • Hard and soft technology devices
  • Appliances vs tools
  • Minimal to maximal
  • General vs specific
  • Commercial to custom
Cook, A. M., & Hussey, S. M, (2005). Assistive technologies: Principles and practice. Sacramento, California: Mosby.

One item that was introduced in a recent tutorial on Assistive Technology:
I though that this was a wonderful peice of equipment.
                                     "The Jellybean Switch"
  • Available in different Sizes - Jelly Bean is a robust switch, with 4 interchangable colour tops. Red, blue, green and yellow. The base plate can easily be mounted to many structures. Diameter: 63 mm Activating force: centre 100g, outside edges 50g Connector: 3.5 mm mono plug Lead: 1.8M
  • The cost of this product is - $107.65
  • The functions it performs - It performs patient interface devices that can be used with many existing nurse and emergency call systems and SENSOTROL controllers.
It increases the users capacity to be able to operate devices such as computers, light switches, mouse control- touch switches the You-tube clip shows how this product can be used in numerous ways.
Online sources such as:
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