Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Participation in Occupation II Blog 9

Mindfulness in Activity

Crafts – Jewellery Making

The purpose of this blog is to have chosen an activity that is near and dear to us personally, then to analyise what we as humans find so important about this particular activity. What significance it has to us and why we find it therapeutic or relaxing.

I enjoy the alone time, the feeling of making a peice of jewellery for that special occasion or that special somebody. It is not about receiving anything back, it is about creating and being creative. I love the fact that I can change an earing or add to it if I desire. I am able to undo it and start all over again if I may make a mistake or just plain and simple do not like what I have created.
Sparkle, Enjoyment, Creating, Interesting, Gift, Wearable, Feeling of accomplishment, Group work.
Breakdown of the Activity!
This activity has clear steps that can be taught and followed with reasonable ease.   Purchase of materials, hooks, o-rings, a cutting tool, shaping tool.  Decide what sort of earrings you want to make, for example beads, wire or other media.  Make sure you have a tray with compartments and a flat surface to work on, so that the beads do not roll everywhere.  Have a nice environment, plenty of fresh air and good lighting.   Set out the pieces that you want to work with, keep separate from all the other bits. This way you can concentrate on your two earrings.    Have in mind who you want to make them for, this can make creating fun for you. Open an o-ring with fingers or tool, thread through the ring on the earring hook. Thread on beads to your piece of wire, use your shaping tool to make a loop at the end. Thread the loop onto your o-ring.  You can repeat this step 2-3 times depending on how many threads you want hanging from the earring.   Close the o-ring again.   Repeat this process for the second earring. If you are not happy with the result, you can pull apart and start again.
How would you use this activity in an OT setting! This activity could be suitable for any OT intervention, most likely this activity would suit a mental health setting, it provides a chance for those who might not deal well with large groups to have a one on one session if required. The chance for a client to experience a group activity, lead by a therapist who shows them the steps to make an item and then over sees the clients own progress. This activity gives clients freedom to create and focus on a task and has an incentive to make something that comes from the heart. Start with small steps that lead to accomplishing a greater long term.
What it means to me personally! Jewellery making is important to me as it is an outlet for me to create items that I envision in my head. There are no limitations on what you can create, it all depends on what you feel like making at the time. I enjoy the freedom of choice, and using my hands to create something unique. I make an assortment of items which include earings, knecklaces, and the odd ring.

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