Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Participation in Occupation II Blog 10 Ergonomics

Analysis of Activity
“Introduction to Ergonomics in the context of occupation”
So we must ask the question to what extent does the environment dictate an individuals choice in occupations?
Every day is different, we change our clothes, shoes, hairstyle, what we eat, what we think, what we do. One thing stays the same, our need to have order in our day and routines in our daily life. Our immediate environment percieves occupational choices, thus involving ourselves in meaningful occupation . Situations can be determined by our cultural beliefs, ability, motivation, and behaviours.
In the following five-blog posts, I will be covering aspects such as:
·         Ergonomics
·         Affordances
·         Ambience
·         Practical Considerations
The activity I have chosen to share is (Jewellery Making).
As explained by (Stone, 2005, p.95) "The extent to which individuals believe themselves to be capable in specific environmental situations influences occupational choice."
Ergonomics also involves the social environment. This can influence how we do our activity, how we enjoy our activity, and how well we do in our activity. For instance, if the environment supports our chosen activity it can determine whether we decide to continue participating. By looking at adaptation to your environment, activity or you can create how we as humans experience a positive outcome of our chosen activity. The physical environment and state can also impact on task involvement.
Our five senses attune us to our environment that we inhabit, what we:
·         Think
·         Feel
·         Touch
·         Taste
·         Hear
These senses are all important to consider when involving and immersing ourselves in occupation and activity. These five senses can create a good or bad experience of any given situation time or place. We may have a flash back of a past event that evokes a feeling of nostalgia, which in turn gives us a sense of belonging.

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