Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Participation In Occupation II Blog 11 Affordances

The aim of using a framework such as affordance is to identify an individual’s personal needs and requirements while performing an activity or task analysis. What does my activity of jewellery making mean to me in terms of (needs) an exploration to test a framework in relation to occupation is as follows. 

 Communication – Relationships and interaction between people, places, and environment .  What type of communication is required? This particular activity does not require me to communicate in the verbal sense, for instance, if I was participating in a group situation it would allow me to display a visual/physical way of communicating, (smiling, hand gestures). I believe it is important to engage yourself to the task at hand and by loving what work you do this can create A Connection – Action properties and the relationship of doing, the actions that people do that lead into another action. For example:   This is the green bead that I will use on my earrings, leads and connects my thoughts of  that same bead was a favoured colour of my grandmother’s. As written in the article about Loving Work, it was the colours that she liked doing it for (Book of Readings Art/Craft - On Knitting). Spirituality - My memories are associations of a past event or more recent  participation in an activity. The memory holds a personal meaning to me as an individual. When I am involved in my jewellery making it connects me to a previous time, place, people, and era that gives my existence more meaning.  Ethics - Associated with my activity can be either good or bad, if I make a mistake ethically this is a setback, as I will need to redo it again. If I finish a peice on time this is good as it means I can move onto doing a different item in the time provided.

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  1. Very interesting blog Lisa. Your You Tube clip was so educational and simplified enough that I think I am going to give jewellery making a go in the not too distant future. May be you could add on a whole 'catalogue' of what you normally produce with this craft. Very interesting.