Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Participation In Occupation II Blog 12 Affordance Continued

Asthetics- A peice of Jewellery must be pleasing to the eye, I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder (personal quote). Asthetics can mean different thing to individual's, for me it means looking at all of the aspects involved.
Practical Considerations- When I make my jewellery I find that a comfortable, quiet place is where and when I create well. Being practical and considering these common factors is important to me and my way of doing things. My jewellery is influenced by many areas, which include my friends, family, birthdays, and special events. Ambience plays a major part in practicality of an activity. I find my Jewellery turns out well if I have music playing in the background. Internal perception and values as mentioned in the following excerpt shows how meaning can be perceived: "The way to improve the quality of life is not primarily through thinking, but through doing. The issue is not to figure out how to be happy, satisfied, or contented; but to act in ways that will bring about those states of experiences directly" (Christiansen & Baum, 2005).
Culture- As mentioned in Blog 11 Spirituality and culture are closely linked by traditional terms. The culture of Jewellery making has been around for centuries, the Eqyptians wore adornments not just in living but also in death. I find a link to my Maori culture and heritage as knecklaces were worn by the Chiefs to show their authority. In some instances, instead of beads the only accessible commodity was teeth, usually taken from their enemies. Greenstone or (Pounamu) holds significant meaning, especially the Twist as it symbolises eternal life.
Jade Twist
The double and triple twists have a similar meaning but refer more to the joining of two peoples or cultures rather than individuals. They also refer to the three baskets of knowledge http://www.boneart.co.nz/jadetwists.htm 



  1. Hi Lisa,

    It was interesting to read about your connection with jewelery making. I now know what the meaning of a Jade twist.

    Only suggested I can think of is making your font larger so that it is easy to read :)

    Cheers Divika

  2. Hi Lisa,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog. I think its very interesting how we have such different occupations for our blogs but we both seek a similar environment and have similar influences on our occupations.

    Blogs looking great!

    Victoria Simeon